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Judith Heard to turn radio job into reality show

It is now a public secret, socialite Nalongo Judith Heard will be the latest voice on the airwaves starting Monday January 25. Heard is a new co-presenter of the Breeze show on Touch FM that will run from 7pm- 9pm from Monday to Thursday.
Heard will be hosting the show with a little-known Linda. During a brief exclusive chat, she told us that she accepted the offer because it was too juicy to resist. The socialite told us that the show is about travel, music, celebrity gossip and lifestyle. But hey, that is not all; Heard is thinking about turning the show around into a reality show of sorts in the nearby future.
The JH store proprietor told us that she is in talks with a series of production houses that she wishes to work with to ensure the show turns into a hot TV show.
Heard was, however, very uptight about discussing the money aspect of the deal; “that’s way sensitive; let’s say it was very juicy to turn down. But it’s gonna get really big,” she told us.
Meanwhile, she told us that her new job will not get in the way of her annual charity drives; “I will still extend a helping hand to the needy and underprivileged.”

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