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I just have pain in my legs – Mesach says


Trust tabloids on rushing to diagnose people with all sorts of ‘strange illnesses’ after getting news that Golden Productions star singer Mesach Semakula had been ill for a while.
But hey, believe the tabloids at your own risk. And if you are a Mesach fan, you do not have to lose sleep; take heart, for it is not a matter of life and death for the soft-spoken singer. We have learnt that Mesach has been diabetic for some time and he recently had an attack that affected his legs.
As such, the singer was ordered by doctors to take off some time and stay home as he undergoes treatment.
And after reading all sorts of rumours, we spoke to Mesach and cleared the air: “I have just been experiencing a little pain in the legs. I was advised by doctors to stay home for a bit, but I can now stand; I have been posing for pictures with so many people who have visited me and I do not need any kind of support, I can stand on my own.” Join us to wish Mesach a quick recovery!

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