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Comedians clinch deal to sensitise people on responsible voting


January is usually a dry month for the entertainment industry; but thanks to the election period, several musicians are busy making a killing from performing at political rallies. And comedians have not been left out; besides Fun Factory that were appointed by the Electoral Commission last year, two more comedians recently clinched a deal to sensitise voters on how to vote responsibly.
Felix Jesero, aka Dolibondo, and Arthur Ruhowabwooba, aka Arthur D’vaccine, both members of the Laftaz comedy group, were recently named Uganda Youth Network (UYN) – voting ambassadors. Their role will be traversing all corners of greater Kampala and through their talent, sensitise youth on responsible voting.
The NGO- UYN, will gather youth in different parts of Kampala and neighbouring areas and the comedians will then crack a few jokes in line with voting responsibly, as well as passing on the message of people being cautious as they cast their votes next month.
None of the comedians was willing to reveal how much they got from the deal, just maintaining: “It was a good deal and for a good cause”.

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