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Bobi Wine not bothered by failure to cross borders


Most artistes dream of having their music cross borders and get international recognition; even Ronald Mayinja shared the same dream – did you have to laugh? Well, ghetto president Bobi Wine must have shared the same dream many years ago, unfortunately not anymore. And no, Bobi insists it has nothing to do with sour graping, but a matter of choice.
Yes, Bobi came out last weekend, during an interview on NBS TV’s Pundonor Magazine, and made it clear that he is not bothered by his music not making it to international channels such as Trace and MTV Base.
Bobi based his argument on the fact that there is so much to address back home: “President Museveni has nothing to do with bombs in Paris, so why do I need my music to be in Paris? Just like our politicians, there is so much for us musicians to do back home. Mothers die every day while giving birth, babies die every day, how will my music playing in France help such a situation?”
The Dembe singer insisted that it was his choice and intention to keep doing Edutainment music, which he says helps many situations in the country.
The presenter did not, however, ask the self-proclaimed ghetto president why he had to invest so much in travelling to Jamaica and even hosting two Jamaican artistes for days in Uganda, just to have the opportunity to do collabos with them.
We shall let you have the last word on whether Bobi is being truthful or is it simply a case of sour graping after his music has failed to cross borders.

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