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Aziz Azion on rentals project


Many musicians have faded without any property to their name. Aziz Azion will surely not be part of that category; the singer has been putting all his recent earnings to good use, constructing rentals somewhere in Kitende and they are nearing completion.
Well, many will say he is way too late. And indeed he may be, but let’s just say Aziz is embracing the old adage – Better late, than never!
We were equally shocked to know that for all those years when he was one of the best RnB singers around, Aziz never bothered to invest in real estate.
But we shall ignore the past and focus on his present; the self-proclaimed Baxragga (whatever that means) said he hopes to start constructing his house by June this year, just next to the rentals and he hopes to be his own landlord by mid next year.
Aziz added that he was doing all he could to have his rentals fit for occupancy by end of March, around Easter time.
All the best Aziz!

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