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Top 15 songs of 2015


1. JUICy JUICy – Radio & Weasel: This duo has made it a norm to release at least one hit every year and Juicy Juicy was the song in 2015. It is still trending.
2. KUZAALA KUJAGANA – Irene Namatovu: Golden Production Band member Irene Namatovu had taken ages without releasing a hit but when Kuzaala Kujagana came out, the family traditional song went massive.
3. WOMAN – Juliana: Juliana’s music had deteriorated until she released Woman. The song came at a time when she was still mourning the death of her son.
4. MEMORIES – A Pass And Lilian Mbabazi: A Pass ruled 2015 and when he teamed up with Lilian, a gifted vocalist, it was magical.
5. KIGWA LEERO – Bobi Wine And Nubian Lee: People had become skeptical about Bobi Wine’s music career but Kigwa Leero was a reminder that he still has his game.
6. MBILO MBILO – Eddy Kenzo: After the BET award, he needed a track to match up, and Mbilo Mbilo was a good substitute.
7. TUKIKOLEMU – AK47: When AK47 passed on, ironically his tracks started receiving enormous airplay . Tukikolemu could be his best hit song ever. Sad he never got to know. RIP!
8. BAKUWE KYONyWA – Nutty Neithan: Ugandans love dancehall music and Bakuwe Kyonywa got people talking and grooving.
9. MANYA – David Lutaalo: He may be considered a local artiste but David Lutalo proved that he can take over in the secular music circles, especially with his Manya song. You can find cooperates, downtown people and elites dancing to it.
10. NKWAGALA – Radio: A follow up on Neera, Radio proved his lyrical maturity on this love ballad and can sure stand solo.
11. LINDA-Rema & Chris Evans: This is the type of song that you get to like after listening to it more than once. With its catchy lyrics, this is a song to take us to 2016.
12. OTUBATIISA – Irene Ntale & Sheebah: These two teamed up and the results were remarkable. The video also helped to push it and it reminded us of The Boy Is my Mine.
13. NIPE YOTE – Sheebah: Ever since she joined Team No Sleep, Sheebah has been on the rise musically. Nipe Yote was one song that helped her stay on top.
14. BIKOOLA – Irene Ntale And Goodlyf: The lyrics might not be amazing but Bikoola did well for the Goodlyf boys and Irene Ntale. It might take us ages to get what they were singing about but it takes one listen to like the song.
15. WUYO – A Pass: He was no one hit wonder and Wuuyo was his proof song . It was also a soundtrack to the movie Baala Baala Ssese.


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