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Hustler : Madinah Nabaale

Following dream: Two years ago, 27-year-old Madinah Nabaale saw an opportunity and she seized it. Today, a salon she bought from her former boss at Shs3m is now worth Shs10m and she is only getting started.
What is the name of your business?
Up-town Beauty Salon. I did not change the name after buying it from my former boss.

How old is your business?
Two and a half years. I started it in March 2013.

How much did you inject in this business?
By the time I bought it, it was one small room, so I paid her in installments. The first installment I gave her was Shs2m.

Where did you get the money?
I used to save my salary.

Why did you buy this salon?
Since childhood, I dreamt of becoming a hair dresser and so when the opportunity came, I grabbed it.

What services do you offer?
I style and dress her, do treatment and design. I also sell braids, jewellery, cosmetics, and weaves.

How much do you charge?
It depends on what the client wants to do; hair treatment ranges between Shs20,000 and Shs40,000, depending on the style and type of cosmetics. Plaiting goes from Shs30,000 to Shs100,000 depending on the hair style. A pack of braids ranges from Sh3,000 to Shs10,000 and weaves cost Shs15,000 to Shs1OO,000.

What challenges do you face?
Some customers plait on credit and take long to clear. Also sometimes my workers annoy me when they arrive late for work, and this makes me lose some customers.

Where do you buy your items?
I normally purchase from Kikuubo, Mini Price, Gazaland, or Galilaya buildings.

What are some of the benefits you have earned from this business?
I have managed to buy a plot of land, pay my relatives’ school fees, and as a woman, my house is well furnished.

What are your expectations in this job?
I wish to add a bridal care salon section.

What message do you have for the youth out there?
They should know what they want and work hard to achieve their goals because I started in a single room, but now my business has enlarged to two big rooms, which I am proud of.

What is your address?
My salon is located at Wasswa Building next to Byansi Clinic on Grand Street, Room F03 in Masaka Town.


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