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Fashion tip : With Gloria Haguma


2015 trends: From warm colours to two-piece outfits, 2015 was good in the fashion world. And as we usher in 2016, here are some trends you could carry forward. Happy New Year!
The two pieces
This was one of the biggest style choices of 2015. They were worn every where, from the gym to the red carpet. Yes, even workout gear came in two pieces, such as the Alexander Wang collection. And in 2016, we hope to see more of these.
The plunges
If it was not the thigh high splits, it was the plunging necklines. And I must say our Kampala ladies sure do know how to strut their stuff. The plunges were everywhere, from the various night theme parties to the pool sides. And if you doubt if this trend will make it to 2016: doubt no more. It will dominate.

The sneakers
These were popular with the guys but they are unisex. The perfect his/hers item. They came in super colours by Adidas. They were personal favourites. Then there was the yeezy collection by Rapper Kanye West. Every celebrity in Hollywood was dying to get a pair.

The pastel colours
I must say 2015 was filled with a lot of warmth even in the fashion world. Colours such as turquoise, baby pink, lavender were all over. These were even a favourite for most girls when it came to their manicure.

The fringes
Yes, I say fringes because these were not just on tops, but on skirts, dresses, shoes etc. Everything wearable was clad with this fun trend. Even the men were not left out on this one.

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