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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s Tiffs :This Leila babe should have left us alone

So one wakes up in the morning, goes on about their day and then gets caught up in a domestic situation with their spouse, rush to involve a third party – neither family nor close friends, plead for help from police, back it up with photographic evidence to seal the situation, the police swing in to action, the abuser is arrested and then boom, a new twist!

Suddenly the photographic evidence disappears, an apology replaces the cry for help, and then a plea to release the abuser. Such is the fracas that ushered us into 2016, thanks to Singer Leila Kayondo and her partner, businessman SK Mbuga.
Indeed wonders shall never end. Evidently Leila realised that the status she has crafted out for herself thanks to Mbuga (if we are to go by gossip pages) cannot be maintained without the “whale” hence she would rather risk her life and lick his feet than lose it all.
Well, it is easier to put it all past us because that is her life, but again, why did she involve the public in the first place? Who makes these local celebrities (mbu) think that they owe their fans every detail of their life? What makes them think that they can take everyone for granted and get away with it? What makes them believe that they can speak ill of institutions in authority, call them names and then expect events to change with the snap of a finger? One minute you are wailing to the IGP and the next you are issuing an apology? After spending hours at the same police station accusing them of being bribed not to attend to your case.
When will these people realise that life is worth much more than an abusive relationship, flashy cars, Brazilian hair weaves and paying for music collabos with prominent artistes? What happened to hard work, standing for what you believe in?
It is a pity that even after we have been exposed to an era where we can do so much to exploit our strengths, people still put all their eggs in one basket. I mean, the way this Mbuga dude yaps about Leila and what he has done for her on top of issuing mini threats as though she is his slave.
And imagine, while we are still trying to deal with Leila’s ruckus, MC Kats rolled in with his frustration from the Rich Gang, but mehnn, his wail post on Facebookl is just a story for another day. Trust me on that!

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