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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs : Need I remind some women to mind their business?

You know how you walk into a salon and feel like running back into hiding because all eyes switched from whatever was keeping them busy to you, for God knows what?
I do not know what’s with certain women and staring. Without shame, they will “prick” you with their eyes, analysing you (their specimen) from head to toe with “talking eyes”, if you know what I mean.
It is as though when it comes to these women, the line, “staring is rude” does not cross their minds at all.
Some go as far as following every move that their target is making and sealing it off with comments like, “that hairstyle is going to do wonders”, as if anyone asked for their opinion.
They might even try to engage in small talk such that if given attention, they will talk about everything under the sun – from their three-year-old who woke up to ask for milk at 3am to the maid who ate all the meat while preparing it for dinner.
It beats my understanding! Do these women have a problem minding their business or do they just end up at the salon because they are idle that they end up paying attention to anything unnecessarily or try to attract the same by making comments, fishing for some, or telling uncalled for tales until their time is due? To such a lot, not even the literature offered in most salons will put them on hold.
One only hopes that the sooner such people found better things to do when they visit the salon the better. Otherwise, I see a cat-fight happening very soon as was the case with an irritated woman who almost plucked out another woman’s eye because they were giving them that annoying look. The one under attack concluded that she could have been a case study for an unknown topic.
At the end of the day, it does not matter the place or situation, it is rude to stare. We all know it is a common habit among Africans, but hey, it does not hurt to avoid it and I guess we can all start by minding our own business. Right?

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