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The track : Walk to work – Nutty Neithan

Back in the day, Lingala music ruled the airwaves, then reggae tone came in, followed by dance hall music. Today, we hear West African beats consuming our airwaves. Dancehall vibe has hibernated, owing to the West African instrumentals and style that most artistes are incorporating. And we see the likes of Nutty Neithan working hard in this genre. Having opened his own music label called Most Wanted, Nutty is a manisfestation of his track Walk To Work. He seasons a simple message of hard work with danceable instrumentals and catchy lyrics, producing a club banger.
In the first verse, he speaks to listeners not to leave their concepts in theory but rather try them out. In his lyrics, he sings “…ekigonda kikaluba…”, meaning something that seemed simple hardens, in English notation. On to the second verse he appeals to those who love women to dance, as he throws lyrics that one can wiggle to, and lastly in the last verse he tells listeners to learn from one another as he puts it in simple terms, speaking of club goers who copy other’s dance moves. This song surely gives listening pleasure and is one club banger.

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