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The track : Same way – Lydia Jazmine ft Geo steady.

All you will say after listening to this song is, “beautiful!”. Lydia Jazmine kicks off 2016 with top notch zouk music. The song we critique today is called Same Way, which is Jazmine’s abstract interpretation of the old English adage, birds of a feather flock together. On this song she features vocalist Geo Steady. These artistes may still be looking for the track that will propel their careers nationally or even at continental level. One thing we know for sure is that they are going through the appropriate steps to get there. Starting the song is Geo Steady with the thrilling chorus which has very simple lyrics a listener can easily tap and sing along to, especially if it is to their lover.
He then follows with a verse where he magnifies the way he is connected to his lover in words such as… we sipping wine same way… Jazmine adds her soothing vocals assuring her lover how they are meant to be and that she prefers no other. Each of the artistes on this track compliments the other. However, the instrumentals, that actually sound good, are faint. Secondly, Jazmine is overshadowed by Geo Steady. Apart from that, if given the right audience and push, this song has the ability to climb charts and be a club banger.


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