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The music video : Into you – Ceaserous


Shot on a rooftop against a white ominous sky, the video earns its credits from its inventive use of effects. The darkened roseate scenes when Ceasarous sits in a chair while a girl with a white furry winter scarf dances by the side is proof of the passionate love he sings about. He combines this with a classic vintage car to enhance the uniqueness of the video and the beautiful emotions of a man madly in love.
More than anything, I find this video very significant in Ceasarous’ musical journey. He had last appeared actively on the scene as the duo of Smash and Ceaserous, only to return in a refreshed mature way.
This video is indicative of that progressive growth that has taken place in his life as a music artiste. The video is directed by Kylie White, a Johannesburg-based video production company. And the company surely does not disappoint. It delivers as required.
You cannot talk about this music video without talking about the dances. They are kind of urban-contemporary dances fused with a dancehall aspect. Ceasarous takes part in pulling off some of these dances, well-cut in sync to the chorus. In those moments of him dancing, we get a glance of his shoe game that is just so on the mark.
The crowning of the video happens at the end as Ceasarous engages in a romantic dance with this stunning lady. Left with no choice, he lifts her up and brings her so close to a kiss. It’s a worthy end to a great song.
Is the video memorable? Not really. However, if it is to be judged on what makes a music video great, it should score somewhere between eight and nine on a 10-scale. It handles the basics of a music video with a rare arm of perfection.


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