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The dvd : Escape plan

If you watched the series Prison Break so much that you started referring to it as PB way before short form was as common as it is today, then chances are that any movie that has something to do with prison and escaping will make you think of it. It is easy to assume that a thing or two was copied from it. That is what I thought as I stated watched this movie, but I was not exactly right. If we really have to relate it to Prison Break then this is a twisted version. It is about a one Ray (Sylvester Stallone) who makes a living out of proving that prisons are not escape proof. He always succeeds in making the prison warden look stupid, especially because they never know what he is up to. But when he ends up in a prison on an island with a warden who knows what he is up to, even the strategic friendship with Rottmayer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) does not seem to yield a good escape plan. He has to use all cards yet even that does not seem like it will help. This is a pretty engaging one but it is not as mind blowing as I thought it would be, especially during the scene where they are explaining how he compromised security.


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