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Katikkiro rewarded with new SUV

He has traversed the world looking for funds for his kingdom; he has faced so much hurdles, including criticism from some of his own tribesmen such as Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata, all in the name of serving his king. But nothing seems to have deterred Buganda Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga from going all the way to pool funds for the kingdom.

All this time his boss, Kabaka Ronald Mutebi, and at the weekend, handed Mayiga a brand new Toyota Land Cruiser V8, 2014 model.
According to kingdom officials, the car is a token of appreciation to the Katikkiro for his hard work. The car, which is way better than those of several Cabinet ministers, is also to ease the Katikkiro’s mobilisation work across the country and inspect the kingdom subjects and projects.
The SUV is not so different from the one the President donated to the Kabaka during his birthday celebrations in April this year.
We are yet to get the Katikkiro’s comment about his gift. For now, congs Owekitibwa Kamala Byona!

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