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Fighter Tugume breaks kickboxing rules


Kick boxer Titus Tugume might soon be in trouble for acting contrary to the rules that govern the kickboxing game. Yes, two promoters have dragged Tugume to the kickboxing federation after he received money for two fights in a space of three weeks – which is contrary to the rules that govern the sport.
According to sources within the federation, Tugume received money for a fight in the last week of January and another advance payment for a fight in the first week of January. He is also said to have signed contracts with both promoters, receiving advance payments from both of them. Now each of the promoters insists they are not changing dates and they are threatening to drag Tugume to court if he does not honour the contracts he signed with them.
According to our sources, the first fight, which was due in the first week of January was slated to be the anticipated rematch between Tugume and kickboxing star Golola Moses.
The last time the two met in the ring, the bout only lasted a few seconds before Tugume struggled to get back on his feet. Tugume described the fight as ana-fair (read unfair), and he has since been seeking a rematch, but Golola had not accorded him the opportunity. And just when the opportunity presented itself, there is an aberration to solve. Tugume’s phones went unanswered when we sought to clarify.

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