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Date with a celeb : Solome thinks men are afraid of approaching her

Solome (R) with her fan share a playful moment. SSEJJOMBWE

Solome (R) with her fan share a playful moment. SSEJJOMBWE

TAKING IT SLOW: She was one of the seven divas that lit up Serena at the recent Qwela Divas Junction. Solome Basuuta started with doing gospel music, and now she tells her fan Solome Nantayiiro, a Mubs student, why she has not found a specific genre yet.
What were you doing before you joined the music industry?
I was working at Bank of Uganda and my supervisors never approved my resignation. In fact, they sat me down about 200 times to convince me to change my mind while others told me to first get a safety net before going all out.

When did you realise you wanted to be an artiste?
Interestingly, growing up, I told my mum that I wanted to be a teacher just like her then at some point I wanted to be a doctor, but when I looked at all those books that they read, I changed my mind again. Truthfully, joining music was not something I wanted from childhood, although I liked dancing and following music. It was just a hobby but when I started surrounding myself with people in those circles, I found myself following programmes such as American Idol and while at university, I started backing up Maurice Kirya. Since then, I have never looked back.

Now that you have grown and had your first concert in May, what are your plans?
In May, I found out that it was more than just a concert. It has been a roller coaster, more than I had imagined. I thought I would go back to my normal life and keep doing what I have always done. Now, I think more about my dress code, and I do not take things for granted anymore.

Now that you stepped out of gospel music, which kind of audience are you targeting?
When I had just started out, I thought my fan base was aged 23-50, what people would call the corporate, but later I found out that children were part of my fan base.
They would dance to my songs and I have received quite a number of messages from parents telling me how their children sing my songs. Even Muslims enjoy my songs.

What do you do when you meet strangers and they are happy to see you?
I laugh because it is funny. I am not yet used to this lifestyle so it is still a shock that people know me. So when I meet them I say ‘hi’.

The music industry is ‘crazy’, have you been tempted to change your lifestyle?
Everyone has a face and you can be tempted to fit in. Sometimes you meet celebrities and they have accents and I am tempted to do the same, but what keeps me grounded is wanting to be who I am. I have found out that audiences notice when you are fake. I have learnt to always be authentic. My dress code has also changed. I am now smarter because I am at a point where my dressing influences certain people.

Solome performs at the Qwela Divas show recently. PHOTO BY ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE

Solome performs at the Qwela Divas show recently. PHOTO BY ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE

Is the kitenge outfit your trademark?
I like trails because they make me feel like a princess. But I am still growing even in my dressing. I like African things and I try to have an African approach to everything, whether it is a bracelet, a ring or anything.

What is the name of your genre?
Truthfully speaking, I do not know the kind of music I do. I just forged and named it the Love genre. And this comes from the way I sing. Since I have just started, I will soon find out what I really do along the way, although my core thing will remain love.

Are you single or there is someone special in your life?
Men approach me, but I think they are scared of me. No one has directly come to me for love. Although some do on social media. I am okay with being single.

What has been your best part in the entertainment industry?
May 1, 2015 will always be that best moment in my career. It was a dream come true. The fact that people came in plenty for my first concert. Also, getting the chance to perform at Blankets and Wine was big for me because it is one event that I felt called to.

What are the three things someone has to have to be a complete artiste?
You need to know who you are (identity). Have a belief system and a team to work with.

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