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Date with a celeb : ‘I want a collabo with Joe or R. Kelly’

Big dreamer: Most of his fans refer to him as Mr Six Pack, and singer Yoyo sure knows how to work his body in music videos. He met his fan Edna Mushaba and he shared with her his music dreams and his relationship with Archbishop Mpalanyi Nkoyoyo.

It is so nice to finally meet you. What is you real name?
Nice meeting you too, Edna. My real name is Nkoyoyo, but I decided to swag it up to Yoyo, for music purposes.

The song that caught my attention is Ansana. What inspired you to do that kind of a song?
I was inspired by love. When I was writing this song, I imagined what someone would do in that moment when in love. That is why the catch phrase is “Gwe omukyala ansana” and “Nze omwami akusana”.

At some point you travelled abroad and lived there for some time. Why didn’t you stay there like some musicians did?
They always say east or west, home is best and that charity begins at home. I started my career from here and I intend to pursue it from here. It would be inappropriate for my fans if I relocated to another country. My music appeals to my people and by that I mean people back home. It is not easy living abroad.

How many albums do you have so far?
I have three albums; Kambewuwo, Simuleka and Yoyo 365.

Unlike other artistes, you do not always hold concerts. Don’t you think you are taking your fans for granted?
Actually, I have put up three shows; the Kambewuwo album, though it did not do so well, then I did Simuleka album launch three years ago at Club Obligato and it was well attended. It is the same album that has songs like Telephone, Nkwekute, Ani, Ansana, Alulu redone version, among others.

Is there any international artiste you would love to collaborate with?
Yes, I would but the guys I have always wanted to do stuff with have not given me a chance. I would love to do something with Joe Thomas, R. Kelly, and Tyrese Gibson. Not that I have asked them yet, but still looking for ways to get in touch with them.

Your body deserves to have a role in many movies. Why don’t you act?
I have actually acted in international and local projects. I have my name on projects like Locked Up Abroad, stage plays such as Butterflies of Uganda, Frustration, among others.

You went off the music scene for close to a year. What had happened?
If things are not moving on well, you have to take a break and reorganise yourself, then come back with a bang. I believe in doing quality music because it is what the fans demand and deserve from me, not just pushing stuff out there for the sake of it.

Some of the reasons I like you is because of the energy and decency in your videos. You are not the type who will pick a fight with another musician. How do you it?
I think I am just humble. I do things without intent. I speak my mind through music. Good music lasts. You will not find me abusing or shouting at anyone to get attention and that all comes from my humble background.

How far did you go in education?
I started from Lugazi Central Nursery School, Lugazi East Primary School, St Kalemba Senior Secondary School for my O-Level, St Balikudembe SS then Makerere University for a Bachelors of Arts in Arts.

Are you in any way related to Rtd Archbishop Mpalanyi Nkoyoyo?
Yes. The bishop is a son to my grandfather, which makes him my uncle.

Do you write your own music or someone writes it for you?
I am a writer, but I am open to anyone else writing for me.

What inspires you to write your music?
Everything is done out of imagination. I draw my imagination towards things such as love and feelings.
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