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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs : Let’s learn to own up to our actions

So from the look of things, it keeps happening. More and more women have failed to learn a lesson. Well, I am talking about Kleith Kyatuhaire, a former T-Nation presenter at NTV and currently part of the Style Project show on NTV and an ambassador of IDROiD Uganda, is the current victim of this nudes bug.
Now the most interesting thing is that as many shared their opinion, a page “Iam Kleith” was formed, mbu to encourage people to stand against “social media violation to women and girls”. I laughed out loud! Yes, so hard because certain people can be bold. Talk about waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Eh! I mean, for how long are women going to exploit the “victim card” and take responsibility for their actions? This business of trusting your all with someone, including a copy of yourself in “Adam’s suit” is ridiculous. In the West, such a situation would earn one more fame (see Kim Kardashian), but unfortunately Africa is different. Desire Luzinda and Anita Fabiola Kyarimpa are still struggling to push through their fate.
And yet some can still afford to risk their all. And in all this mix, the best thing that could come up is a page to stop social media violence to women and girls?
Where is the violence in this case? Are these women ever forced to take, share and keep these nude photos? Even though a good number of these photos have been leaked by a jilted lover, which is not right, one cannot ignore the fact that women need to take charge of their lives.
If one is not comfortable with doing something, they should not embrace it. What if your phone got stolen or hacked into? Let’s get real here. It is not a secret anymore that this habit is not cool. It will not and can never be cool here. We have failed to embrace it and will never embrace it here. We hate naked bodies; it does not matter how one packages it. Whoever unveils a naked body will forever be condemned.
While several people might have their reasons for doing it, i will say that, if you are not ready to face the repercussions, then save yourself the trouble. And maybe then we can be saved from ridiculous happenings like that “Iam Kleith” Facebook page, “#IamKleith”, as if we don’t have better causes and hashtags on social media. Mnnh!

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