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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs : Did anyone notice one Sangoma’s new skin? Eh!


So December, the favourite month of the year is here. In Kampala, this time of the year means “the return of the Kivez”-(a term used to refer to Ugandans living in the diaspora).
A good number of them return with a lot of gusto mbu to celebrate the festive season only to shock us with their drama.
One such headache is “The Sangomas”. As always, this group hibernates throughout the year and resurrects at the end of it with concocted titles, flashy cars and everything else that exposes the “little boys” in them. From throwing parties to posing with chunks of money (as if taking us back to that era where people would strike poses with hibiscus flowers) .
But oba that drama does not surprise us anymore! Frankly, if it had not been for the evidently bleached skin of one member, we would never have paid attention. The last time I saw such a look was in a Congolese music video. And this chap goes around flashing money and striking tu pose with it. He looks like a clown! Eeish! Isn’t that what they call being “proudly local”?
So why would a fully grown man and father of three choose to bleach his skin? Is he that insecure about his looks? Could the fact that his estranged wife moved on be the cause? Perhaps he missed his light skinned ex-wife so much that he gave a go at looking like her. Whatever the case, it is just bizarre. Next we will see is him wearing make-up and then, only God knows what will follow! I mean, how can a man take to such extremes? I guess this says a lot about his character.
Like seriously? So while his fellow men are taking to the gym to tone their bodies, this guy chose to go to a beauty shop to buy skin bleaching products? Oba where were his friends and so called escorts as he buried himself in the mud?
Honestly, I have hahaad this chap. I hope that as this team continues to pose with money, party hard and look like excited teenagers, dude knows that all attention is on his skin. So, if that was the point behind the skin-lightening, then your mission has been achieved with flying colours!

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