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The acute angle : Nudes? Not again!

I totally cannot deal anymore. Now a chick like NTV’s Kleith. Where do you honestly start from? What is there to even see? This is a child who should be somewhere gladly playing dress up, then the next thing you see is her not-so-enthralling little body splashed over the Internet. I am sure many people must have gone like: “Even youuuuuuu”?. This whole nudies thing baffles you. You just wonder how people can be so stupid, repeatedly that it almost feels like a social epidemic. The cycle just cannot be broken and the list grows longer and longer. You ask yourself when these people ever learn.
I think our so called celebs do this on purpose. It is only the women in showbiz whose nude pictures have made it to our tabloids and other social media platforms. It also paints a picture of the lengths our famous people will go to stay relevant. It is quite sad, to say the least. Now surely, this Kleith Kyatuhaire chick. I am confused on whether to pour scorn on her or just pity her. Even the perverts out there, I am told, were not impressed. It was like another plate of stale food.
Now step aside Kleith for probably the dumbest chick this year. This one calls herself Sheila Saltofte or whatever her name is. Another TV personality who decided that panties were a little mainstream these days and showed up for some party pantiless. When I think out aloud, I get the feeling that maybe this is the freedom people tag our country to. Maybe we are just too free and wearing undies has become one huge luxury. I am told this chick had actually shown up to MC and all of a sudden, attention was drawn to her minion analog privates. It is the stuff you do not want to see. I am not the kind to slut shame but that is just an invite and a proclamation to anyone around that… “Hey guys, I can be your tissue tonight. Use me please”.
Self love is good. In fact, anyone should start the journey of love with themselves. Look at yourself all you want but do not pull out a phone camera to give you a reminder. Do not send around nudes to people in a way of seeking validation about your body. When the sun sets on your relationship and the love is gone, your ‘loved ones’ won’t see you as this sexy chick they saw in the beginning. Some of these people might not care about you. Let us try to cover up. I pray Sheila Gashumba does not have nudes hidden somewhere. The day those drop will be the same day the world ends I guess. Nice weekend guys!

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