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The acute angle :Feel reborn this festive season


We all get consumed by so many things that we tend to miss out on the beautiful things in life. The pressures of work, life’s expectations dictate the tempo of how your life is lived. All of a sudden, you find that you are not the guy you used to be. You are not the fun guy of 10 years ago that your friends wanted to have around. In fact, you do not even have friends anymore. Most of them have fallen off the wagon and to be honest, you can genuinely understand why. No one is to blame for this. Growing up has its perks. The older you grow the more responsibilities you have to take up and this sometimes reflects on your lifestyle.
If you are one of those people who are still wondering how this year has gone by so fast, use this season to feel alive again. Focus on yourself and the people around you. Take advantage of the season and celebrate life to its fullest. If your year has revolved around boardrooms and classrooms, the dance floor might be that place to get yourself back in the game. This time around, no excuses, so use these festive holidays to rediscover yourself and remind yourself of the things that used to make you smile.
Gladly, during this season, there is normally a positive vibe going round. People generally look happy and when you get your landlord inviting you over to his place for lunch, kindly accept the invite. He certainly will not poison you on Christmas Day so take heart.
It is a time to reconnect with friends and family, so get involved. If you travelled upcountry for Christmas, reflect on the memories and share the love with your folks back home. Take interest to know how they are doing and also be able to help about. This should be able to give you peace at heart.
For those who will be in town and somewhat lonely, this might just be the time to call up an old friend you have not heard from in a while for a coffee date or a night out. That should be able to remind you of how awesome a friend can be. The effort to look out for a friend will surely lift a heavy weight of misery off your back. The problem is that so many people are always busy trying to be independent to the point that they feel that they do not need other people. Well, some of you cannot be more wrong. Being around people gets you uplifted and also helps you look at things that previously looked puzzling, more clearly.
All in all, the festive season comes once in a year so take this time to laugh, dance and celebrate this thing they call life. Merry Christmas and a happy new year everyone.


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