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The track :Twamukwekula Radio &weasel ft Emperor Orlando


If anyone doubts that whatever potent substance the dynamic Goodlyfe boys take has side effects, then they should listen to this song. However, the outcome is not all bad. On Twamukwekula, these guys are not only going back to Ugandan’s first interpretation of Ragga, they also bring back Empreror Orlando whom many might have thought was dead and gone. Twamukwekula simply means unveil someone. Yes, they have certainly reminded us of Orlando but also Radio becomes someone else on this track. He checks in with a coarse voice rougher than his partner. One cannot even tell whether he is on the song only for part of the introduction and climax, where he sings in his signature vocals. Even with the coarse coating, this song is succulent. These artistes tell of a man who mistreats a woman and they are exposing him. The artistes use different narratives that sync perfectly on the last verse. Weasel clearly speaks to men to treat a woman with love. Having self-proclaimed music grandfather Orlando on the track is a bonus to the song, as it gives it a mix of retro and new school ragga, something that can steal a place on our playlist.


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