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The track : Soka lami – Nava Grey ft Speedy


When you listen to Naava Grey, you will feel like you are falling off a cliff, into a place she wants you to be. With her strong vocals and lyrical content, she directs you to fall in love. She has always sung songs about love and this track, Soka Lami is no exception even when its in a foreign language. Soka Lami, which is in Zulu notation means “my love”. It is believed she wrote this song as a dedication to her husband to reafirm her feelings for him. But that is just her motivation. To a listener she delivers quality sound, adorable lyrics and without a doubt another song to add to her classics such as Nteredde. On this jam she features Speedy, another sensation altogether. When he sings, it is sweet to the ear. Although one may not understand most of the story he tells since he sings in Zulu, his tone and a few English words he drops are lovely. The highlight of this song are the specially picked out words Naava spits in her lyrics which perfectly sync with the acoustics and beat of the song. The only downside is the Zulu we do not understand.


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