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The track : Gwe Aliko – Irene Ntale


As the year ends, artistes release tunes that their fans will usher the new year in with, among them is Irene Ntale. Let go of the zouk love balads that she was accustomed to. On this track, Gwe Aliko, Irene unleashes new energy and vibe. At the beginning of the song is a tube fiddle, then acoustics followed by drums and the base all in resonance. A force that gets a listener dancing even without listening to the lyrics in the song. Not far from the introductory beats, Irene graces the instrumental with her aggressive vocals. The song is a story of assurance to her lover of his peak position. In the second verse she compares him to the never dropping British currency on the stock markets. The chorus is refreshing after every verse, owing to the enticing beat. This song has little to its downside, which is only the monotonous choice of words she uses in her lyrics, song after song, but so is love which never fades. The highlight of this jam is the energy and you cannot wait for the time Irene will perform this song on live band.


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