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The music video : Julia – Maro

Probably the shortest high definition Ugandan video. But do not be deceived by its brief play, hidden behind this briefness is a video that achieves what most Ugandan videos fail to achieve in more minutes. The video lasts two minutes and a few seconds. Maro speaks of his undying love for this girl known as Julia.

The video takes place in two locations; Maro’s office and in a basement that acts as a parking yard for the many sleek cars owned by this couple.
Shot by First Choice Filmz, the video opens with a Julia, all clad in white, getting out of a shinny white car. Her long golden weave matches the inner compartments of the car, giving off high class imagery.
Not long afterwards, Maro comes down the stairs to join her. He is armed with his laptop bag and a bottle of champagne signaling that the couple was headed to an after-work dinner together. Maro’s fashion choice communicates the emotions and atmosphere of love.
The most interesting highlight in this video is that the lady is the one behind the steering wheel. A minor detail, of course, but one that speaks volumes.
Although the video does not have a remarkable story-line in terms of depth and content, it executes the one it has to perfection. Whatever it lacks in content, it makes up with crystal clear visuals, devoid of shadows. Its lighting and colouring are at its best.
However, the video denies us close shots of the girl. We are left guessing about her actual looks. Though she is the main girl in the video, she looks like a drop in the ocean. The video then tries to end in a way that leaves a viewer in suspense, but no suspense

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