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The music video : Gbesile by Navio ft Burna Boy

“Gbesile” is a Yoruba statement meaning “hang up” or “Get down”. Get down and dance, get down and dance to the beats of life. The mood in the video echoes an atmosphere of having fun and constant celebration. The video is shot by Mattmax, one of the video directors in Nigeria who commands respect in this field.
Gbesile opens with two girls; one (dressed in high heels and patra shorts) carries a champagne bottle while the other girl (in a striped beach wear) wiggles in a triangular dazzle. The video is rich in special effects enhanced by the best shinny golden lighting and colouring. The gleaming floors create the effect of a mirage. Combine that with the palm trees in the pots and you get an illusion of the Caribbean beach waters.
When we get to the dance strokes, they are choreographed to send out the message in the song. The girls keep “getting down” and so does the spirited Burna Boy once in a while. Though he is simply featuring in the song, he primes the ground and Navio follows up with the same energy. The two go for all-black costumes which they accessorise with chains.
Gbesile comes to its peak with a mix of drums, girls dancing in corridors, bikes and visuals shot on red. With the golden and red colours, the director successfully puts across the effects of people celebrating love through the shake it dance, and a display of luxury.
Then we have a guy whirling around on a hover board. The other pomp moment is when one of the girls is wrapped in those tow-coloured sheets. The video ends on a high-devoid of even the slightest of monotony.


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