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Jilted lover burns cosmetics tycoon, Samona’s property


Cosmetics Tycoon Ssalongo Mukasa Kasawuli aka Samona of Samona Cosmetics is not a happy man after one of his lovers set one of his properties ablaze. Word has it that Lilian Nafuna, a mother of the tycoon’s twins, stormed Samona’s special room at his Pacify Hotel in Nateete and set it ablaze. The story goes that trouble brewed after Samona turned down Lilian’s requests to have a certain building in Nateete belonging to Samona transferred in her name. According to our sources, Lilian interpreted Samona’s refusal as an indicator that he had dumped her. So she went to the hotel reception where she got a key to the room at the hotel and locked herself in.

“She walked out a few minutes later and locked the room, but there was a funny smell coming out of the room; a smell of something burning. We we broke the door and put out the fire,” a source at the hotel, who preffered anonymity, said.The source added that they later discovered a bottle that smelt like petrol and suspected Lilian torched the room. When they contacted their boss, he ordered them to stay silent. Samona’s known numbers went unanswered, but we were told Lilian had not been arrested by press time.

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