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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s Tiffs : What is with all this fitness excitement?


Traffic jam can be frustrating, yet interesting as well. You get the chance to look around. Now, I do not know if it is just me, but the number of wannabes in the fitness line or should I say FOMO (Fear of missing out) candidates keeps increasing by the day. At one point it is a group of ill-dressed females jogging around Kololo, then at another angle it is a couple walking their two dogs along the northern by-pass.

Let us not leave out the so-called crew that floods the gym and dance class sessions for two days, give up on the third and then resume mbu in the name of keeping fit and keeping healthy.
Keeping healthy is a good thing, especially when one is serious about it. However, some people indulge in all these activities for the sake of going with the flow and end up looking ridiculous. Take the women who choose to do road work in the wrong attire as if going to church, while others dress like they are in the comfort of their bedroom.
Oba why don’t they conduct some research before hitting the road. It is funny how some of these people jog on roads as busy and dusty as the by-pass, just because everyone else is doing so.
Of course, this does not leave out the so called “detox recipes” and lifestyle to complete the package, ahem! Anyway, at the end of the day, what one does with their life is their business until they subject the public to a show.
We who always watch out for how things go in this city will sit back to see who goes down the drain. Like they say, everything has its own time; this is the time for all gyms to make a dime, dance class sessions to fill up because its the in-thing now and roadsides to experience a “pedestrian jam” of sorts when people flock them to run, jog, walk their dogs in the name of keeping up/ joining the “fitness trend”.
I hope this one lasts though. Oh Ugandans!


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