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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s Tiffs :Boda guys shouldn’t hate on car owners


It is a hot sunny afternoon and I have to make my way to Mulago hospital. The carpark guys at the new gate give the impression that the Shs2,000 parking fee will guarantee them a hassle-free day.
I join the parking hassle and desperately drive up and seize a free slot near the exit, just next to a boda boda stage.
At a pace as fast as lightning, I dashed to fix my car, only for the boda guys to rant: “Oh! the bosses are parking, make way”. “Why should we?” “Let her create her own space since she is in a car and we are on motorbikes”. “Is it even her car?” “Let her park it and we shall teach her a lesson”.
Jeez! Is it anyone’s fault that they are not stuck with them under the scorching sun? Why are they stuck to the mentality that women cannot buy their own cars?
Anyway, I let them rant. However, the moment of truth set in. I wondered how I was going to step out of the car and leave it behind at the mercy of these bitter guys.
In my mix, I stepped out calmly and threw a general hello at them and the results were amazing. Suddenly the sulking crew got all smiley like a spell had been cast upon them. They assured me that the car was safe and it was wise of me to choose that slot. I hahad these chaps as I walked off. Talk of real chameleons in flesh and blood.
It is surprising how a simple light gesture can change one’s mood in a split second. While flashing back on their hot and cold moments, I realised that these guys are held up in a zone where they feel like anyone who drives a car is arrogant, mean and rude.
Nonetheless, with all said, as hard as it is, some of these guys have to understand that not all fingers on the hand are equal. Judging anyone because of one bad experience from any car owner is uncalled for.
It does not hurt for motorists to respect some of these people, and that includes the pedestrians, cyclists. After all, no man is an island; we never know when we shall need another, right?

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