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The acute angle : Resolutions checklist


I announce with deep regret that for the fourth year running, I have been able to achieve almost nothing that I set out to achieve in my list of resolutions this year. It has been another year of divided focus, subtle achievements and a host of things to do that have ended up being, well…. not done. Satan, Satan, why? Satan has this way of coming stealthily into our lives and somehow takes over. My goals at the start of this year were very clear; I wanted to get fitter and not just being an ordinary fit guy. I wanted to look at myself for the first time in the mirror and go like, Woooow what a transformation! I wanted to look the best version of myself. By November, I had hoped for a lean frame that was complete with abs and basically live a healthy lifestyle. I was tired of being the emblem of the unfit guy. I wanted to stand out and remind some exes of what they were missing. Even the ones I hate. I hit the gym and lifted just about anything I could land my hands on and after making progress, Satan could not let me prosper. So I relaxed a bit.
As I type this, I have a dripping hamburger in one hand ready for download and I must admit that this thing, however unhealthy, is quite tasty. My choice of lifestyle is not what I had planned for at the beginning of the year but I could take my effort in trying as a big positive.
And then my time keeping. I think the Pope will be the one to solve this problem on his visit to Kampala. It is growing into a cancer, so help me God. I am scared that I might be too late to attend my own funeral or even my wedding. I have been working tirelessly to get my issues with time in order and after so many years of trying, my showering duration is a manageable 30 minutes. Please do not judge. You don’t want to know where I was some two years ago.
And then the dimes… my dime wish list at the beginning of the year and my bank account now are such a huge contrast. I wanted and still want the big dimes but while it hurts to be a millionaire in my head and not such a millionaire in reality, I am sure things will eventually come good.
I understand the need to make resolutions, make plans for the future because a new year dictates a new start. Everyone always wants a fresh start but sometimes along the way, there are distractions and as the year goes on you realise that you could have fallen off. Well, not for everyone. Some people are actually living their dreams this year but in case things have not panned out the way you planned, we are in this together. I am not giving up though. My resolutions will now be carried forward to 2016 henceforth.


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