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The track : Mwana Wabandi – Radio and Weasel


Just when we thought Radio and Weasel had gone separate ways after doing solo projects, the two artistes were cooking a way to hit at critics. They just released a set of new tracks and among them is Mwana Wabandi, a song that is steadily climbing charts.
The song is a story about a girl who sweeps a man off his feet. With an afro beat instrumental, Radio starts the song, singing sweet nothings to this girl whom he asks what is in her that he does not see in others. He then assures her of a poisonous kiss she gave him that kept him wondering.
He takes on the bridge, telling her how their hearts beat in resonance. In the chorus, he asks her to have mercy and show him affection. Climaxing the song is Weasel who assures this girl how her presence will shut out stalkers. He finishes off the song with his comical lines. As always, the lyrical content of the song is commendable, with Radio doing his prowess and Weasel buttering the bread. The vocals are on point as Weasel echoes on both the bridge and chorus. This song is without doubt worth being on the playlist.

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