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The music video : Tusasanya – Big Eye



Another of those videos that is reminiscent of Jah Live’s midas touch. Since the video is about spending money, what better way to begin it with some tycoon heading into a car bond to purchase one of those exclusive cars? The tycoon zeroes on a number of cars, wastes no time haggling, summons his escorts to bring over his briefcase full of paper notes and throws them at the excited seller. The seller is dressed in traditional Arabian clothing for men, a long tunic aka thawb and a head gear aka gutra. This whole imagery sub-communicates the message of spending and flaunting money.

The interesting part of the video is the poolside party. Everyone here is enthusiastic and fun. The girls in their swimsuits use the water guns to squirt water at the dudes. In order to stand out from the group, Big Eye takes the lead role, a short distance from the pool. It is an assortment of colours at the pool. It is comparable to a summer party in Uganda.
Tusasanya video comes with its own unique dances to crown the moment. Some of those include the monkey dances where everyone pretends to be an animal, goes down on their fours and rhythmically dances to the song. One man steals the show. That man is King Kong, the comedian. He puts his waist to great use, tucks away a few dollar notes in his shorts and takes the viewer to another world. The girls take turns to model by his side while he tips the best with cash. The video ends with a miniature fight that ends with a dive into the water between King Kong and a certain dude who wanted to get some of this money.

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