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The music video : Tomusobola – Bobi Wine


Bobi Wine has decided time and again to keep everything basic, right from the plot to the visuals. Even though Mirage Concepts was behind the shooting of the video, Bobi Wine has increasingly made it clear that his, is a local market not an international one.
Bobi Wine, the “edutainer” opens up the video while posing around his Escalade car, putting on his usual tough face to prepare the viewer for the lecture that is about to follow. It is a visual lecture about this one man who turns stingy once the girl accepts to date him. In the end, a village meeting is called to resolve the issues between the two, and Bobi Wine in his patterned red shirt stands up to defend the girl and her rights to a good life.
The video utilises two major locations. One outside the Namboole National Stadium, a scene used to enhance the star-image of Bobi Wine as an artiste. You could take out this scene and not much damage would be done to the entire video. The other major location is at the apartments where the fighting couple argues on about who is right and who is wrong. Bobi Wine insists if the man cannot fund the woman’s lifestyle, then he should keep silent when some other man decides to fund the lifestyle on the side.
On serious talking points; was this really a music video or it is another of those amateurish Ugandan movies disguising as a music video? It scores on the fact that its target audience would gladly relate to the video. However, the main theme around which the video rotates is not memorable, it is basic. Bobi Wine needed to take the extra mile while converting the audio message into visuals. He ought to have visually brought a whole new angle to this.


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