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The dvd : Perfect stranger

Have you read Danielle Steel’s novel, Perfect Stranger? Since movies have been made from a number of her novels, I assumed that this was based on her book. The book is a sweet romantic story like many Steel novels. So that is what I expected, only to be shocked by a devil in a pretty woman’s skin.
Rowena Price (Halle Berry) is a passionate journalist who after six months finds enough evidence to file a story about a senator who is so big on family and is against homosexuality, but is gay himself and has been sleeping around with his interns. The senator uses his power and the story is pulled from the newspaper’s front page to the trash can.
Angry, Rowena quits and bumps into her childhood friend Grace (Nicki Aycox) who is always in and out of affairs with famous rich men. Grace wants Rowena’s help bringing one of them down – Harrison Hill (Bruce Wills).
When Grace disappears and is found dead, Rowena knows it is a mission she must take on. The intention is to make it to a newspaper’s front page now that the editor is asking her to go back to the newsroom.
Together with her BFF, Miles (Giovanni Ribisi), a talented researcher, they dig out the facts. And after many intriguing scenes, Harrison is found guilty. But it turns out that the jury sentenced the wrong person. You will be shocked out of your skin when you find out who is guilty.


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