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Salvado for one-man show in Nigeria


A few weeks ago, we suggested that comedian Salvado should rent an apartment in Nigeria. What with him making three trips to Nigeria in the past two weeks! Well, Salvado was at The Lords of the Ribs show in Nigeria on Sunday and going by social media feedback, he seems to have elevated the Ugandan flag, so high to an extent that globally respected comedy channel – Comedy Central, suggested that he breaks out to the rest of Africa.
“…it has taken Nigeria all these years to finally have a Comedy Central production, well that will be different for our East African region after my performance on Sunday. I’m nervously excited because if I kill it, our region will easily have Comedy Central productions,” Salvado revealed- and he was not joking.
In fact, Salvado has already been booked to feature on the Comedy Central Festival in Johannesburg, South Africa in December.
Meanwhile, we have it on good authority that Salvado will hold a one-man comedy show in Nigeria shortly after his performance in South Africa. Although he insisted that he could not divulge details of the show, Salvado confirmed that he is in the final stages of finalising a deal to hold a One-man show in Lagos, Nigeria.
“We discussed at length; Nigeria is excited, but let me not spill the beans for now – Sqoop will be the first to know the details,” he told us.
If everything goes as planned, Salvado will become the first non-West African to ever hold a one-man show in a land considered to be the heart of entertainment in Africa. All the best Salvado!

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