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Sheebah tries out lugaflow with Fefe Bussi


With the fast growing number of musicians, the already established artistes need to be ontop of their game. And for Sheebah, who was a dancer before she landed a hit song, nothing should be taken for granted. So after proving her prowess in the dancehall genre, Sheebah recently decided to give a shot at rapping in Luganda, commonly known as Lugaflow. Yes, she recently hit the studio with upcoming lugaflow rapper Fefe Bussi and the two came out with Nsekula (I am pounding).
Fefe Bussi proves he is up for big things in the introduction and the first verse of the song, before Sheebah chips in with a great flow. Sheebah and Bussi don’t address any particular topic in the song.
Sheebah told us that she had always wanted to try out Lugaflow but was not sure about how she would sound. “But when I met this young talented boy, I said this is my chance. He respected me and I respected him, so I knew it would be easy to flow with him,” she told us. Bussi, whose style is akin to that of rapper Gravity in both flow and lyrics, said he was delighted to do a song with Sheeba.
Both Sheebah and Bussi are convinced their song Nsekula will make it big, but that is their opinion, we shall leave the verdict to you.

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