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Pallaso wants President Museveni to intervene in AK47’s death


Earlier this week, Emmanuel Mayanja aka AK47’s would have been celebrating his 25th birthday. Unfortunately, he passed away on March 17, after allegedly falling in the washrooms of Dejavu Bar in Kansanga.
Singer Pallaso, AK 47’s elder brother, made a long Facebook post at the weekend, in which he asked several questions that he feels remain unanswered about his brother’s demise.
Pallaso’s questions, which continue to receive mixed reactions on Facebook, majorly seem to say the mother of AK47’s twins, as well as Team No Sleep boss Jeff Kiwa- also the owner of Deja Vu bar where the singer breathed his last know something about AK47’s death.
Several comments on Pallaso’s post encouraged him for not giving up on his brother even in his death. However, several others criticised him for pointing fingers at people and providing such information after so long. Others advised him to take the information to the authorities and not social media.
And to prove that he is not just about posting and pointing fingers on social media, Pallaso said he has written to President Museveni to order for fresh investigations into AK47’s death.
“I’ve written to the President to personally order for fresh investigations into AK’s death. I thank him (the president), for the hefty condolence message (Shs10m). But want him to know that as a family, we remain unsatisfied about the cause of AK’s death. AK was a good man and he loved President Museveni so much. I beg my President to look into this matter, I am sure the truth will come out,” Pallaso said.

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