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King K African Tiger, musically representing Uganda in Sweden


Remembered for his songs with the ‘Boys in September’ that hit Ugandan music air waves, King K still clasps Ugandan Music at various platforms in different European and African countries.
With his songs like African woman, Sweet Mulato and Bamwabala Sikati with Ziggy Dee among others, King K still holds respect among various music enthusiasts in many Scandinavian countries, USA and Africa.
His songs now premier on MTV networks and different Television stations in Europe. They are also played on many radio stations in various countries.
Although many think that ‘Boys in September’ broke up, the group flag singer Katumba Ssentongo a.k.a King K in an exclusive interview in Sweden says that the group is still interact but the members do solo projects and after get together to do group works.
“We have never broken up. We do solo projects and after get together to do shows like its done in other Ugandan big groups like Afrigo and the recently broken-field Eagles production,” he narrates.King-K

King K who is now signed to international record labels like Vevo, Stime, Blite, Big mix studios works with renowned producers like Contacreast to have great music that appeals to many people’s ears.
He thinks its not right to rush releasing songs and launch like many musicians do in Uganda because giving a song ample time makes it better and last longer on the chat.
The African Tiger is now silent putting final touches on an album slated to be released by close of this year.

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