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Renah Nalumansi searches for her music star

Dreaming big. Renah Nalumansi started her music career with Dream Galz, an all-girl group. She later sought a solo career in music and this weekend she will hold her debut concert. She spoke to Edgar R. Batte.

You will be in a concert dubbed Ontambuzza Nyongera, is it an album?
Ontambuzza and Nyongera are my most popular songs off the album I am Renah Nalumansi.

Who produced these songs?
Ontambuzza was produced by Crouch and Nyongera by Dr Fizol. They were written by Eighton Sente.

Are they testimonial songs?
No. I just loved their melody and arrangement. They are catchy songs with mature lyrics.

How many songs are on this album?
I have 10 songs; Nsubiza featuring Wonderman and Beenie Gunter, Ndimugumu, Kasikonda, I Love You, Shaka Zulu, Nyongera, Ontambuza, Nanyini City, Nakuwaza and Gunsesede featuring Jay Santo.

Do you write some of your songs?
I have written Nakuwaza, Shaka Zulu and I Love You.

When and how did you start out as an artiste?
Well, I loved music from way back and everyone who knew me, knew how much I loved music so when I was pursuing a diploma at Uganda College of Commerce in 2006, a friend told me about auditions at Dream Studios in search of dream girls. We went together. Eddie Yaweh called me that evening and told me I had gone through. From that day, I started professional music

How old where you then?
I was20-ish.

What was your parents’ reaction when you started singing?
I had wanted to sing as early as S3. Those were the days when artistes like Britney Spears were topping charts. I was a teenager but my dad told me to first finish school.


Did he support you?
He supports me 100 per cent. My entire family does.

What have you achieved from your music career?
I have achieved fame, which has brought many opportunities. Also, I have been able to set up a poultry farm and construct some simple rentals.

You make another milestone by putting up a concert, what is the schedule like?
Well I am beginning at PTC Mitanda in Makindye on Thursday, Afro Pub Kasangati on Saturday, at Eden Service Park in Bwaise on Sunday. Next Friday, I will be at Club Lacentra, in Kyengera and at Riviera Pub in Kawanda.

How many solo concerts have you held so far?
This will be my first concert ever.
What challenges do you face as a female artiste?
Promoting my music is expensive.

How do you manage tthese challenges?
Well, I have had to invest to get the money, performing at different outlets. My management takes care of all that.

How much do you have to invest in promotion?
There is no standard fee. At times it depends on one’s financial capacity and how far you want your music to reach.

What is the most you have spent to push a song?
I never sit down to calculate but I find myself spending almost everywhere I go, on a song that has not even brought in returns.

Do you survive on music?
Music is my passion. My poultry and apartments help me survive. I have about 400 birds and three double self-contained rentals.

How do you balance motherhood and your music career?
Well, it is its easy. I always find time for my daughter. She is part of me. I am not always on stage performing so I have time for my daughter, for example, no matter what time or how tired I get, I wake her up in the morning and prepare her for school.

Does her father play a role in your or her life?
We separated but he takes care of her needs.

What happened between you two?
I would like to keep that private.

Are you seeing someone else?

Who is Renah away from the public eye?
I come from an extended Christian family of 11 and I am the eighth child.

What kind of child were you?
I was well-behaved, never suspended from school like my other siblings. I was a good girl.

How did your childhood shape the person you have become?
It taught me to be responsible and know everything you desire in life you can get when you stay focused.

Your message to fans?
I love my fans. And to those who are not yet my fans, take time and listen to my music, you will fall for it. Come show me love at my concerts.

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