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Hustler : Brighton Natuhwera


Mobile money business: She has always wanted to be an independent woman, with the savings she had made in March last year, Natuhwera started chasing her dreams.
What is the name of your business?
I call it Brina Investments.

Why did you decide to name it so?
I wanted something that represents me. Therefore I decided to come up with a word that combines both my names.

What do you do?
Mobile money transactions.

When did you start this business?
Last year in March.

How much did you invest in it and where did you get the money to start?
It is a simple business and my starting capital was through the savings I made.

How much profit do you make out of this business in a month?
It depends on a number of factors like the weather, area and other factors but I can make Shs700,000, especially in Kikuubo and Shs100,000 if I am in Makindye.
Why did you pick interest in this particular business?
I have always wanted to be an independent woman and this business has sustained me. It is not complicated, so long as you balance the books.

Do you have any other outlets besides Kikuubo and Makindye?
No. I only have those two.

How do you manage the two?
I have a relative who helps me run the one in Kikuubo, and another person who runs the one in Makindye. My sister then balances the books and later gives me the day’s accountability.

How much do you charge for transactions?
When sending, the least one can pay is is Shs1,000 and the same goes for withdrawing.

How much rent do you pay?
Rent in Kikuubo Shs200,000 and we pay Shs150,000 in Makindye.

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