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Date with a celeb : Kamenyo started singing to silence haters


Mission ambition: Victor Kamenyo went through a lot while growing up, and his humble beginnings are what inspired his dream. He spoke to his fan Patrick Musisi, an IUIU student, about his upcoming concert.

Hi Victor Kamenyo, I have been looking forward to meeting you. What prompted you to join the music industry?
First and foremost, I love my country so much and I love seeing things done the right way that is why I always sing sense. I hate it when youths are addicted to drugs, I hate it when young girls are raped, and people are unemployed. I want to be the change and to pass on the message, I chose to do music.

What is this Mzanzi thing I hear about in your career?
Back then, I curtain raised for Aziz Azion at Monalisa and people loved my performance, so Aziz asked if I could join him at MO music. It was a mileage for me and I appreciate him for that parental guidance from then, I got a South African manager called Mzanzi, which means South in Zulu. So now I am under Mzanzi Management.

What is your real name and why did you decide to use Victor Kamenyo for a stage name?
I am Derrick Katongole, and I am in my third year of Law school at Makerere University. Next year, I will be joining LDC. I wanted to be superior from other artistes and Kamenyo was the ideal name.

What inspired you to join the music industry?
So many things inspired me. We grew up in a poor family and people used to despise us a lot, so I knew music was the only way for me to prove my success. At least, I can also park my El grande car when they park their prados.

What are some of the challenges you face as an artiste?
Before I became successful, there is an emcee who broke my CD in pieces when I begged him to perform as an upcoming artiste. I used to transport myself to events in different places and at the end of the day I did not perform because Deejays, emcees and organisers wanted to be bribed.
What are your dreams in the music industry?
Every artiste has a dream and I always wanted to be different in whatever I do. I am achieving one of my dreams tonight in my first ever concert Silina malala. It is going to be classic.
I am going to perform while literally hanging on ropes like international artistes.

There is a lot of competition in Uganda. What strategy do you have to be on top of the game?
I believe no candle can light better than the other, even if they are so many in one place but the only difference is that one was lit first and others followed but my strategy is to keep lighting.

Many people liken you to Gravity Omutujju. Why did you decide to impersonate him?
First and foremost, my stage name is Victor Kamenyo and his is Gravity Omutujju. Unlike Gravity who started out doing ragga and imitating Bobi Wine, I started out doing the same thing as I am doing now. I have more than 5,000 witnesses all over the country. My goal was to inspire people and leave a legacy on the entertainment scene.

Why did you decide to hold a concert on the same day as Gravity?
I have been doing music for more than two years and I believe this is the right time for me to have a concert. I have more than 135 songs even though the audience knows only four songs. I have enough content to sustain a concert.
Uganda has a population of 35 million people and being artistes, we all have fans and we have our target audience. Muganziwraza cannot accommodate 10,000 people so I am requesting my fans to come and support me as well as his fans.

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