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Date with a celeb : A moment with Gashumba


HANGING OUT: Sheila Gashumba started out as a T-Nation presenter before upgrading to NTV The Beat Backstage segment. She talks to her fan Vanessa Prossy.

Sheila how old are you?
I am 19 years old.

Tell me about your education.
I went to Taibah International School and City Parents for my primary then St Mary’s Namagunga, Kabojja International School and Galaxy International for my secondary and then to City Varsity Creative Arts and Media School, South Africa.

How does it feel being a celebrity at a young age?
Really, am I a celebrity? LOL I did not know I was. But my life feels normal.

You were recently in South Africa. What were you doing there?
I was doing a short TV course in presenting at City Varsity University.

What exactly do you enjoy about your NTV show segment?
I love to be in the field, you meet all kinds of people, and it is exciting and different working within the music industry.

Who is your best Ugandan artiste and why?
That is a hard question. I enjoy everyone the same way, but Radio and Weasel a little more.

What is your best track now?
Best song right now is Bitch Better Have My Money by Rihanna.

And all time song?
All Rihanna songs are my all-time favourites.

What do you love about the entertainment industry?
It has potential to grow if they reduce on negativity. Artistes in Uganda are talented but they dwell so much on beefing. If they can unite, then the world is ours for the taking.

If you were an artiste, what type of music would you be doing?
I would probably do dancehall music because I am a dancer.

You never say anything about your mother. Is she still alive?
She is very alive and healthy. True I rarely talk about her but it is only because I do not have the right words to express how much she means to me.

How would someone describe you?
A brown girl who likes making friends.

How does your father feel when you are working on TV?
He is a very supportive person and in fact he watches all my shows and corrects me where he thinks I did not perform well.

How do you balance school and work?
I am not in school now but when I am, I put my job on hold.

How much do you earn at NTV?
I cannot disclose that and I do not use the money I get as my salary. I have been saving it since I started working. My father gives me the money I use to take care of myself.

What is good and bad about being a working teenager?
The good thing about being a working teenager is that you make so much money at a young age, interact with people and your level of maturity is increased. The bad thing is that you grow up so fast, hanging out with grown-ups all the time. There is also drama involved. You need to smile at everyone because they know you, basically it is full of drama.

What do you do in your free time?
I am a business girl. I sell the things that I have like accessories, shoes and clothing. When people see me on TV dressed in them and they like it, they call me, we link up and, sell to them.

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