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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs : What the h*** did that girl wear to the carnival?


So the Kampala City Festival happened over the weekend and wow, wasn’t it a blast?
It is interesting to see so many Ugandans from all walks of life having some good time in all sorts of ways. But anyway, one should not be surprised, considering this is one of the things that we do best here.
Different people attended for different reasons but among all “fun” was the solid reason.
One could not help but realise the different dress codes, including one from some chick who has been off the scene after her attempt to represent at the Big Brother Africa show.
The babe strolled in all dressed up in as if a two-piece outfit (carnival wear in her head I guess) only to survive an embarrassment from the startled crowd as she walked through.
Some people can really want to hold onto certain things that it startles many. So one disappears after, of course, not doing much at representing her country well-enough when she had the chance to, except for dancing around, being a loud chatterbox and abusing the queen’s language from the beginning of the show to the end.
She gets back and, of course, holding onto to the perceived “fame”, fails. Then suddenly when the slightest opportunity pops up she expects to make heads turn like a peacock enjoying a stroll in the park?
Ahem! Wonders shall never end. We can never tell what goes on in people’s minds sometimes but this clearly was a frustrated go at remaining relevant (if one ever was anyway).
Have such people ever heard of the saying there is a time for everything? And that when that time passes, please move on with dignity to earn lasting respect?
Now that is some food for thought right there, huh!


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