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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s Tiffs : I survived these city thugs by a whisker

It was a blissful ride back home after visiting a friend. Suddenly, my body craved for a cold drink. I stopped at a petrol station to kill two birds with one stone; refuel and grab myself an ice-cold bottle of water.

Still wearing my happy face, I set off, paying less attention to the state of the car exterior.
As I approached Namuwongo at the detour, a fast-moving boda boda carrying two men shot past me, one of them lifting my car plate number in the air and signaling me to stop.
As a reflex action, I imagined the back car plate had fallen off somehow and these Good samaritans had picked it up.
Like God watches over his flock, as I slowed down I realised that the first set of two men had company — two other men on another boda boda who rode closely behind them. As I tried to stop, one of them dashed in an attempt at open my back door.
I sped off, shaking like a leaf on this windy day, my heart racing like I had just finished first in a marathon.
I do not even know how I managed to reach home in one piece. Everything had happened so fast that I neither got the plates on the motorbikes nor redeemed my car number plate.
By the look of things, these thieves will not rest until they make this town as insecure as it can get.
How desperate can people get? Aren’t these guys tired of losing life to mob justice from the angry crowds and accidents as they try to flee from crime scenes among other things?
The fact that someone can choose to ruin another’s good moment within a blink of an eye is so annoying. God knows what would have happened if I had stopped when they signaled.
Anyway, with such increasing criminal cases, one ought to be vigilant enough not to fall prey.
For now, let’s also hope that the responsible law and order authorities do the needful to save this city from these thugs who want to have things easy.


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