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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s Tiffs :How do you carry a picnic basket to a cinema?

Have you ever been in a situation where people act in strange ways that makes you wonder where they have been all these years? Well, I have.

Last week, I took a stroll to Metroplex Shopping Mall in Naalya to catch a movie. It was one of those slow days where you just want to have a hassle-free moment, until I met this duo that had queued up in front of me to buy movie tickets.
It was made up of two very misplaced chicks. The blankets (mbu warm clothing) backed by the scattered series of questions, exclamations at every small and big thing around was all you needed to know that we were all at different pages.
For starters, they seemed like they wanted to watch everything: “Which movie is this? What is it about? Eh! Oba we go for the other one?” “Is this a series or not?
Mnnnh! Oba why don’t such people watch the previews to sort this headache?
The most annoying part is when they asked for coffee and tea to accompany the basket of pastries they both held onto tightly as if they were going for a picnic.
It took a lot of patience for the rest of us to tolerate the circus from these two chicks.
One wonders why some people have to venture into the unknown. Haven’t they heard of things like pilot studies?
This was a clear case of the blind leading the blind. I cannot imagine what unfolded when they finally got to inside the cinema! They must have joined the haphazard group of local chaps who exclaim out loud, clap hands, talk and laugh out loud, minding less about their neighbours or the purpose of being there.
A friend once shared with me that she always keeps her wish-list of all the places she would want to visit close. If ever she has to make a debut, she attempts to get there ahead of time and familiarise with everything, calmly just to avoid embarrassment.
Now this pair of “villagers” and all the other peeps that find themselves ‘lost’ in the name of having a good time should borrow a leaf lest you find yourself full throttle with eyes closed and end up the day’s clown!


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