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The acute angle :The Sevo-artistes knot


Just like many arranged marriages, this one is bound to suffer and might not last beyond the honeymoon. It is clearly a union of convenience that ends once interests of both parties are served and then everyone will go back to their normal lives. Like many rich men who are single, the young, beautiful and highly-impressionable women are normally the target. These ladies are normally high on self worth and will get tied down by the highest bidder. The guy with the dimes will always win over the girl and that is how our beloved musicians got wifed by the great President Museveni a.k.a Sevo. Sevo is running on a deadline ahead of the 2016 presidential elections that he will grace any event, even a sports day bull roasting. The guy will do anything to swing a vote. Such a smart guy our president!
The President is always one step ahead of the rest of the pack, so what does he do? Have dinner with the most popular people in the land; our musicians, promise them a few things, talk huge figures, flash smiles at cameras while doing the Tubonga Nawe fist sign and just like that, the musicians were fooled. Well, not exactly as you might think. The musicians are not stupid to forget that they have never been invited for any dinner in four years until now. They obviously know that the old man in a hat is sweating through his palms ahead of the polls, so why not play into his hands to make him happy.
Ugandan artistes have often complained about government’s reluctance to enact the Copyright Law that should see them earn more but on the night that mattered most, they did not mention a thing. All Uganda’s elite artistes sat in the auditorium, staring at mzee. Nothing about the copyright law. The King Sahas of this world simply munched on chicken all in the name of Tubonga Nawe. Mbu they endorsed the President as flagbearer. How cute! No artiste has declared their support for Sevo in the recent past and they felt that four months to the elections was the right time? Shyaaaa. But our artistes!
Even our beloved Juliana Kanyomozi who has never been known to take political sides flashed the NRM thumb sign and smiled as if the world was coming to an end. Everything just looked cosmetic. It was a case of “I need you and you need me, so let’s work something out”. As much as we would like to believe that our musicians have different political affiliations, it is unrealistic to have all our musicians support one man. They all looked expectant of the President’s generosity. Bebe Cool was restless, swinging his dreadlocks from one shoulder to another as he sat on the same table as the President. I could tell that he was sniffing good fortune off Mama Janet’s scarf. It was that intense. In my opinion, everyone is a winner. The old rich man gets the beautiful girl that every man in the village has been dying for and the girl gets to live like a princess but only time will tell how long this will last. Who will file for divorce first? I am sure we all know the answer to that question.

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