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The acute angle :Loving your flaws

Jesus of Nazareth didn’t die for some things. My feet, for example. They are probably the most terrible looking set of feet in Uganda, East Africa and the whole of interlacustrine region. I would never wish them on my worst enemy and my worst fear is that my future daughter could be the first female to scare away a manicurist. I do not know if genes just did not play out too well or if God was just having an off day, but my feet did not come out that smoothly to be honest. In fact, I feel that a woman who will love me for me and no one but me, will have to love my feet first. Of course, I know this is a big task for anyone but it is worth a try, right?

However dashing I look on a Monday with an expensive Dolce & Gabbana suit, I will always be the guy with the terrible feet! It does not matter if I make it to State House as president someday or get to reach horizons never expected of me, I will always be the guy with the bad feet. Even if I package them in pure cotton socks from Italy or wherever, they will always be a huge part of my identity that I cannot just do away with. I know it can be quite embarrassing when you are hanging by the pool side and a child is pestering its mum to see ‘uncle’s strange feet’. I also know It can get quite uncomfortable when you visit your friend and she insists that you take your socks off and you go like, “whyyyyy”. Deep down, you know that your feet are not for public viewing, but it is until later that you realise that it is not worth it.
But maybe they are not bad after all. God was probably saying something when he chose to make my second toe overlap the first. It surely could not have been by accident. It is for this reason that I revel in my flaws just like everyone should. I choose to look at every edge, every imperfection with a smile. A scar is not just a mark but a reminder of tough situations that we went through, which eventually made us stronger. If your hips do not curve out like you want, it is probably the way you are. Feel free to flaunt what you have. I choose to make my flaws the most beautiful thing about me and that is why I wear open shoes more often. If the way I look does not excite you, those are your issues. I know some ladies are always dying to show off some skin but love yourself enough to cover up just once. Nice weekend guys.

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