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The track : Airujasit by Benjamin Prince


Hip hop is the most experimental genre of music, where we see most young artistes trying their luck. This characteristic seems on the downside of this type of music, especially since over the years it is a struggling act in our music industry, but when it comes to linguistic diversity and delivery of messages, hip hop deserves a plus one. I pounced on one little-known Benjamin Prince’s song titled Airujasit, an Itesot word meaning have a dream.
The song is written in three languages; English, Ateso, Luganda. He employs female vocals on his chorus as he tells listeners of the struggles one passes through in daily life but is fuelled each day by their dream to push harder. This is a common storyline. Benjamin Prince will no less score points in the diverse crowd who will listen to his music and also his simple lyrics plus the encouraging message. However, he lacks a lot vocally as he still has to mature and have a signature to his art. He also lacks authentic instrumental.

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