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The music video : Linda – Rema ft Chris Evans


Linda is a music video that details the suffering of a stay-home woman longing for the love of her workaholic husband. As expected, Rema plays the role of the woman while Chris Evans acts as the man who cannot seem to choose between his work and his woman.

The video starts with Chris Evans parking his expensive car outside the gate of a big mansion, grabbing his books and rushing into the house. At this point, I was wondering why he had to park outside. Was it to show us the house or that he was so much in a rush that he would rather park outside?
All the same, he moves into the house where the traditional Rema is already waiting with a glass of juice for the hardworking husband. The husband takes a few sips before dropping the almost-full glass back on the tray and rushing back outside.
Why did he have to come back home in the first place? Just to sip a little juice? Really? Was he scared of poisoning at his workplace that he could only get the juice at home? The video ignores such tiny details in its plot.
Chris Evans fits more the image of a hardworking labourer on the farm than a hardworking white-collar worker. One could see the incoherence of him in the suits, trying to play the part, trying to dangle the car keys and trying to be the man that Rema is intoxicated about.
It is in the comfortable couches that Rema, now developing hysteria, does the crying. It is in these same couches that she changes from one dressing combination to another, at one moment to a sash of yellow. Unlike most stay-at-home wives, Rema’s make-up is always on point.

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